Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sweeping review of immigration laws unveiled - and refugees

Source - I have always viewed refugees to this country with at least a degree of skepticism.  This is nothing to do with whether they have come from a worse place and / or whether there are valid reasons for becoming a refugee.

What creates my skepticism is that in many cases these people have had to go through a vast amount of effort, time and money to "escape" here. New Zealand is not exactly the easiest place to get to accidentally - frequently really even by those who are deliberately coming here - so it shows a fair amount of deliberation on the refugees part to end up in New Zealand as opposed to (for example) Australia.  Most genuine refugees are just going to end up in the nearest and not necessarily most convenient place that is not the country from which they were fleeing.  Using the example of the Iraqi refugees most of these are even still in the same country - just not the same part of it.  Once safety (which is the most frequent reason given) is obtained the person is then an immigrant to move from the point of safety.  And should be subject to the same procedures and checks as any other immigrant.  Worldwide there seems to be far too many people trying to use the refugee loophole in immigration to force their way into their desired country of residence.  This is not what that clause is about.
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