Sunday, March 30, 2008


When your favorite artist (NIN / Trent Reznor - really what is the difference) not only releases a new album, but releases it for free then you've got to at least mention it:

What makes this release a bit unique is the opportunity to download for free, for fee, order on double CD or a deluxe pack (sorry the super deluxes sold out on the first day :-( )

Now while I download I just hope it's as good as the previous works...

Why not do what is effective?

Further to my pervious post on the Auckland City Council's removal of its own obligations one must really wonder why bureaucracies insist on doing those things that sound good but are pointless in practice.

First case in point would be the:
declaration of an area of approximately 1 hectare on the northern side of Waiatarua reserve to be an area in which dogs are to be leashed at all times.

This is due to the perceived danger to the wildlife in the reconstructed wetlands in this area.
Now I wouldn't have much of an issue for this except that the area they are talking about is directly bounded by residential properties; and is otherwise an off leash dog exercise area. The problem you may ask? There is no restrictions on cats in the residential properties. If you can't figure out the problem from there, maybe you should stand for the next council election...

Auckland Dog Owners Take Heed

Auckland City Council as taken it upon themselves to change their policy and hence bylaws; and as is their want they have undertaken this in a somewhat duplicitous manner.

Please note they state that:
Clause 7 of the dogs policy stated that the council would review the size and availability of off-leash dog exercise areas every three years and as part of the council's strategic growth management process.
And that these changes are merely in response to this;
The proposed dogs policy is in response to this undertaking.

So why is the 5th "minor change" to reflect the "requirements of the Dog Control Act 1996 and the needs of the community" to:

remove the obligation to review the off-leash exercise areas every three years?

If nothing else oppose this duplicitous undertaking of the council to remove one of the few remaining rights as a dog owner we hold!

Of course they are probably just trying to hide their own astounding levels of incompetence. Given that the "Designated dog exercise areas" map they have sent out to support their changes show no sign of Flatrock reserve (our local dog exercise area), and still prominantly shows Fisher Park on Carbine Road. I'm sure Coca-Cola Amatil would be more than happy to open their gates to a horde of dog owners given that the council sold the park to them nearly 3 years ago (Councils own press release here) - and they have subsequently built a warehouse on it...
(PS online coucil link to dog exercise areas).