Friday, December 28, 2012

Blissful ignorance

The iMac In A World Of MacBooks On The Brink Of iPads

This "tech" post encapsulates so many of my pet peeves with the Apple / Mac love fest its actually quite amusing.
However the "tech writer" manages to encapsulate it all in one quote:

"Another element the iMac gives you that a MacBook does not (at least not yet) is the option for a “Fusion Drive”. Marketing terms aside, this is a great method of compromise that Apple has come up with. Essentially, you have both a solid-state flash drive and a traditional hard drive in the machine, and software found in a slightly altered version of OS X Mountain Lion determines what data should go where automatically (based on your usage). This allows you to have the speed of SSD with the storage volumes of a regular hard drive."

You see hybrid hard drives (as they are generally known) have been around since Seagate released them in October 2006. And yes that 6 is not a typo. This tech is actually older than Facebook (literally) but because it's got an apple on it it's suddenly hot. To twits like this anyway...

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Brilliant backup service with a fatal flaw

SocialSafe, The Social Media Back-Up Tool, Raises $400K To Out-Archive Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

Socialsafe is providing a fantastic service for anyone conscious that they might like to actually find that tweet or post about when their child's first tooth was. Especially when said child gets old enough to ask about things like that (typically when they have kids, so ask yourself how soon you want that to be...)

However I do have one major beef with it - the client is written in Adobe Air - which might not mean alot to most people. But this is a language / framework that has already begun to be deprecated (ie killed but in a progressive slow fashion) by its only maintainer Adobe.  So I have to question - why would you backup your social life using a tool that's already dead?