Friday, December 28, 2012

Blissful ignorance

The iMac In A World Of MacBooks On The Brink Of iPads

This "tech" post encapsulates so many of my pet peeves with the Apple / Mac love fest its actually quite amusing.
However the "tech writer" manages to encapsulate it all in one quote:

"Another element the iMac gives you that a MacBook does not (at least not yet) is the option for a “Fusion Drive”. Marketing terms aside, this is a great method of compromise that Apple has come up with. Essentially, you have both a solid-state flash drive and a traditional hard drive in the machine, and software found in a slightly altered version of OS X Mountain Lion determines what data should go where automatically (based on your usage). This allows you to have the speed of SSD with the storage volumes of a regular hard drive."

You see hybrid hard drives (as they are generally known) have been around since Seagate released them in October 2006. And yes that 6 is not a typo. This tech is actually older than Facebook (literally) but because it's got an apple on it it's suddenly hot. To twits like this anyway...

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