Monday, April 03, 2006

"Perceived" media bias

"An overwhelming majority still believe Helen Clark has performed well, although down slightly from 66 per cent to 61 per cent, compared with those who think she has performed poorly, up slightly from 19 per cent to 23 per cent.   Thirty-four per cent thought Dr Brash had performed well, down from 38 per cent, compared with 45 per cent who thought he had performed poorly - up 3 per cent."

Interesting that for HC a 5% drop in explicit approval and a 4% rise in explicit disapproval are both slight [sic] moves.

Brash's commensurate moves of 4% and 3% respectively are not given the same diminutive - perhaps its not just the police with some kind of political bias...
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Brad said...

Yeah, how dare someone in the media actually ask questions about the president's conduct? I mean, they're clearly supposed to be there just to promote the leaders' political agendas. Too bad there were politically minded journalists back in the 1970s who aided and gave comfort to our enemies when they pointed out that Nixon, maybe our best president ever, was a felon. I mean, what right do we have to know that kind of stuff? It's not like this a democracy or anything.

iiq374 said...

Sorry Brad - I'm not sure I understand your point, or how it relates to New Zealand's political MSM?