Thursday, April 06, 2006

Earthrace and peak oil theorists

Reading about Earthrace and their upcoming around the world race challenge actually just made me wonder whether all the peak oil theorists out there are actually hoping for it to succeed or fail?  Because if this yacht successfully circumnavigates the globe in one of the toughest races around it will prove the maturity of bio-diesel engines and production - and its ability to stand in the wings in the event of a peak oil scenario unfolding.  Worse - if it trims the 10 days off the record that everybody is currently predicting then the non-peak oil theorists will have even more ammunition to claim that a natural progression through technology is going to occur long before oil production wanes.

So are the "peakists" going to be happy for the "salvation" of the planet from their hypothetical - or deriding of the challenge to their prophecy?
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