Friday, April 07, 2006

I'm glad the Prime Minister doesn't drive herself!

I'm pretty sure that I do not EVER want Helen Clark driving on the same road I am:

Not only do we now know she can't tell when being driven at over 140 kph (average speed - not peak)
[hey - my wife starts "noticing" at 115...]

But she also can fail to notice an accident that:
  dislodges the cars bumper
  dislodges the headlight
  causes $3000 worth of damage to the other car.

Will someone please revoke her license?
Still it explains how she also fails to notice the train wreck of a Government she is leading...
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Jack Yan said...

Whatever one thinks of Helen Clark, I think it is fair to say this administration has jumped the shark.

iiq374 said...

Isn't that "jumped the couch" now? ;-)

burt said...

Imagine if she did drive. She would be turning in ever tightening left circles till the tank ran dry and she crashed. :-)

iiq374 said...