Friday, April 21, 2006

Support the principles of Anti-Bullying

Anti Bullying Fund - Help put a stop to bullying within our schools
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I fully support this fund to pay the fines of Daryl Michael Falcon, have paid my $50 contribution, and hope many others will do the same.  Because this stands to send a very clear message back to our conceited judiciary and schooling system that we do not stand for bullying in our schools, and cannot stand for someone who does stand up to it to be dragged down in this manner.

Let me emphasize here that Mr Falcon:
contacted the school first and had no response,
contacted the parents of the bully first and had no response,
did NOT hit this child - he poked him with his finger (with no bruising) and yelled at him.

If any of the above 3 points were not true then I would not be supporting him - the reason for the support is he DID go through the appropriate channels (school), went a step further and went through unofficial channels (parents) and then only finally resorted to yelling at this kid - he did not assault him.


weizguy said...

Yelling at a child is, in itself, common assault. Poking and grabbing by the collar is worse. I don't think this guy should have a conviction (s117 discharge), but his behaviour is not appropriate, and should not be condoned.

What he did was bullying.

However, schools should be held to account for allowing bullying to happen, especially when they were advised of the problem.

iiq374 said...

Weizguy - I'm sorry but the fact that the school cannot and is not held accountable is the reason that his behaviour should be condoned until there is an appropriate response.

If there was more appropriate mechanisms left to deal with the bullying then I would be less partial towards his support.

Also let us be very specific that the childs bullying of hitting another child across the face with a book is orders of magnitude worse than having a finger prodded in your nose.

The bully should not be able to clambour for his "rights" until he learns appropriate responsibilities.