Tuesday, April 18, 2006

As much as I hate socialism - at least ACC prevents this:

hattip: IdoNotes
Court: Coke should have warned of fizziness
Although the Court rejected the theory that the can was defective, it found that the company could be held liable for failing to warn consumers that "the beverage might exit the can at a high velocity upon opening." Expect to see a lot more language on your coke cans in the future.

"So have we finally hit the wall people?  A grown ass woman does not know that a can of soda (carbonated water, syrup, some coloring and sweeteners of some kind) could possibly come shooting out.  I am guessing she never drank soda in her life, never had seen one explode before and apparently beer doesn't fit in either.  or champagne or any other beverage that uses any form of carbonation.  She probably follows along the lines that flavored water is still water.  No it is now a soft drink once you change it from water (to quote George Carlin).

Whew, so be prepared for more printing on the cans.  And close your eyes when you open one apparently.  She is stating that it burned her eyes some and gave her SLK and dry eyes.  I am thinking very wet eyes personally that tingle :-)"
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Giulio said...

Law is not about common sense, it's whatever way you can convince some twat in a wig to do for you.

A few months ago, a civil court here in Sydney ruled (on appeal) that Coke had no obligation to pay compensation to a contracted delivery driver who was shot 5 times and survived, whilst doing a delivery as instructed by Coke. The 3 judge panel determined that because the driver was not employee Coke was not liable, I also read somewhere that the assailant was so depraved that it wouldn't have made a difference if he had an armed escort or not. How these clowns come to this decision is grossly incompetent when it was known that the driver was assaulted previously at the same site and had requested that he not be sent back, Coke refused any further support to provide security and the judges even awarded Coke legal costs and this guy who has no income now, had to pay back $567,000 in legal fees.

We worry about places like Nth Korea and Iran, but we have "evil empires" like this just getting away with murder.....

Shot Coke worker keeps payout (SMH)

weizguy said...

Isn't this exactly like McDonalds getting sued for someone spilling coffee on their lap - thus requiring Mackers to advise "cauton, contents may be hot" on all hot beverage containers (and fruit pies).

Stupid tort system.

iiq374 said...

True - although maybe I should have made it explicit that these cases could never have been successful in New Zealand.

You cannot sue for personal harm here due to our ACC (Accident Compensation Commission) which actually goes too far the other way. You cannot sue someone for outright negligence that costs you your arm for example...