Friday, April 21, 2006

Sue Bradford proving that the Greens do not understand competition

I'm sure Nandor Tanczos must be pulling those dreadlocks out about now - after the hard work he put into trying to prove that they aren't just a socialist lefty party Sue Bradford goes out and shows that they do not understand enough about capitalism to be anything else.

hattip: TVNZ
She is trying to complain about the reduction in competition in the supermarket business because it has led to a decrease in prices. "sources indicate that prices have fallen on average between 14% and 18%".  Sorry - I fail to see how this is a bad thing?

"Progresive/Woolworths is using its near monopoly power to force New Zealand suppliers and producers into lower and lower prices to them so that the market is the same as with Australia," says Greens List MP Sue Bradford." Again - I don't see that our producers needing to be efficient enough to compete with our neighbors is either undesirable or unrealistic.  If we cannot compete with them importing to here and the extra costs involved - how are we ever going to compete to export to them?  Further - I cannot see how she is ever going to get the Commerce Commission to agree this is against the interest of the consumer?

Of course I can see in her little red Socialist world it would be best if there was no competition, all the prices could be controlled and you could only buy what was made here....
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Chewie the furry Baen Sidhe said...

Evertime I think these people can't amaze me any further, they do. What's most depressing is that these people get votes.