Thursday, April 20, 2006

Pressing for a prosecution

Trawling through more information on the Daryl Michael Falcon case it turns out that not only did he complain to the school - but also took the incredibly brave step of talking to the bully's parents.  Unfortunately while this shows his real concern in the matter (most people I know would NEVER approach another parent about their child's behavior) it is my supposition that it was this that led to his ultimate undoing.

What interest did the family of this piece of cr*p have to prove by obstructing a discharge without conviction?  You can bet this was all a petulant thumbing of the nose by the bully's parents to say who is the bad parent now.  Not only have they managed to escape their duties as parents to actually teach and discipline their own child; but now they have used the justice system to feel superior in the job that they are doing in breeding NZ's next generation of criminal / bully / thug.

I have no doubt who Generation X-Y's next golden wanker award should go to.

I would also be interested after all the publicity surrounding the victim in this - does anyone have the names and photos of the bully and parents?  I think these people should be shown and given the full castigation of public opinion.     
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