Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Swapping pests for natives

The ARC is running a great program at the moment over the weekends where you can bring in your pest plants and swap them for some natives for planting.

Given that we have about a 20m by 10m plot at our place that we want to plant out with natives this works out quite well.

We just turned up with a bag of weeds, most of which we had no idea what they were so kind of looking for some help in identifying them. Turns out we had 5 of the top 10 noxious weeds in there, as well as 2 plants they weren't even able to identify and have taken away for further analysis :-)

The part of the programme I actually like is that they are providing pretty good information on native plants that can be used to similar effect to many pest plants like Jasmine. So rather than just saying you should get rid of that (like the Agapanthus) they are actually providing decent alternatives to get the same result.

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