Thursday, March 23, 2006

Helen Clark acting fraudulently again?

So who is really surprised by that?
Burt does a very quick summarization here:
With the original investigate article here:

However if this is all true (or remotely true) then it would seem that former Police Commissioner Peter Doone would have a pretty good case against the PM for slander / defamation? And it is my understanding that this could be taken down a civil law route so that the whole prima facie but not in the public interest could be avoided. I'm pretty sure that if Doone raised an interest in taking up the case there are a number of people who would help him fund it (my hand is up). If not though I might have to conclude that Ian Wishart is connecting some dots that aren't really there?

However it would also explain what Helen's vitriole against Investigate recently - she is trying to discredit the magazine before this can get some legs maybe?


burt said...

Just imagine if this was completely true and Doone takes her to the cleaners - how would her life in prison be ?

iiq374 said...

Depends how many of the guys to continue to mistake her as one of them :-p