Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Abolish the youth rate!

I actually agree with the students completely - the youth rate should be abolished! Of course the fact that what they really want is the youth rate to be the same as the minimum wage is a different point!

I cannot believe the alleged "police brutality" from the students hinges on the number of police officers that were used to remove a couple of the protestors. The news showed quite clearly how 4/5 officers removing a person is far more peaceful than 1 - because with 4 you can quite effectively carry a struggling person away whereas with 1 you would probably hurt them quite badly in the process!

But then again these are the same people who believe that pay rates are solely based on the number of hours worked... (and have nothing to do with retention rates and progression possibilities?)

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Heine said...

Oh they always cry brutality. I remember a protest in Dunedin where they screamed brutality while jumping freely into the paddy wagons simple to get arrested for the cause. They said they were refused water, food and tampons in their cells for 3/4 hours. Oh the humanity of it all :)