Wednesday, March 15, 2006

What about the victims distress?

Let me start by saying that I have not studied enough of the case to make an informed decision about whether he should go or stay:

However what I will say is that distress to the family of the perpetrator should NOT be a deciding factor in this. At all. Period. Why? Because any distress that they may feel has to be balanced and negated by the distress and stress felt by the VICTIM and their family! (Sorry - I'm forgetting the key point that the perpetrator is ALWAYS the victim in this country...)

I have to say though it would be interesting to know in the context what his other conviction was, because either the "two minor driving infringements" weren't that minor, or there is something else not being told about:
Under the Immigration Act, the Immigration Minister may deport any holder of a residence permit who has been convicted of two offences committed within five years of being granted a permit, where each offence may result in one year in prison.

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