Thursday, March 16, 2006

Smokey's scaremongering

Among the straight out lies the greens have released about the probationary period is this classic:
“If Dr Mapp's bill goes through, employees will be sacked at will during the first three months on the job. Even worse, once sacked, they become liable for a stand down of up to 13 weeks [sic] from Work and Income once they register back in the benefit system. People will be scared to start jobs and scared to change them."

Direct from WINZ:

"Anytime you take on full-time work your benefit stops - but you may still be able to get help with things like accommodation or childcare costs. If your job is for less than 26 weeks we may be able to start your payments again straight away when your job ends. "

Certainly in my counting system 90 days is less than 26 weeks - how about yours?

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burt said...

Clearly you were not educated in NZ.