Monday, March 13, 2006

My goodness - tax decreases can lead to tax take increases

Who would have thought that was possible?

The racing industry has gained a reduction in gaming duty and a easier tax regime, Racing Minister Winston Peters announced today.
But one indicated it was hoped that growth in the industry would mean an increase in the tax take, making the moves cost neutral.


burt said...

Yes but not for income tax - Do you not listen to Dr. Cullen !

iiq374 said...

Hey I'm just impressed they've managed to do the cognitive 2 step to figure it out for this one.

Maybe if we repeat their own words back to them enough times they will eventually make the connection. (Not that hopeful though....)

burt said...

I had an interesting discussion with a chap in his early 20's the other day who asked the question "Why is there a Minister for Racing ?"

Clearly the answer is because it's a Govt controlled 'thing' but it's still a good question. Surely it's just another part of Revenue ?

iiq374 said...

At the very least you would have thought it would be covered by Gambling?