Thursday, June 29, 2006

So when is Maori not Maori?

Apparently whenever it comes to pointing out that their culture is currently also made up of patricide and welfare dependency.

In the wake of the (yet another) dead child tragedy the response of the (publicly vocal) Maori community has somewhat interested me.  It is always somewhat strange that Maori are fully willing to accept "responsibility" for the outcomes of their culture when it comes to the acceptance of more money.  Whether that be through targeted welfare, targeted scholarships, cultural donations etc.  And oddly enough even when that money is specifically being targeted because of Maori's over representation in crime and poverty statistics.  In fact the number of public outcries from Maori interest groups that more money needs to be poured into the Maori community to 'solve' these issues (and atone for past crimes against the Maori culture) tend to be unceasing.

And yet when a specific instance of how the current Maori culture is self-destructing itself is brought up in the media the calls from these same groups is that this is nothing to do with their being Maori, and this is a general societal problem that we must come together as a community to solve.

I just wonder whether they recognise their own hypocrisy in claiming that these issues are Maori specific and therefore they need more money to solve them (otherwise it would need to be spent on society not Maori) - but that the specific instances are nothing to do with being Maori at all?
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