Thursday, June 29, 2006

A new currently favourite author

Been in Melbourne for the first part of this week - which I will try and use as an excuse for my week-daily blogging dropping off (even though it has been a problem for a fraction longer than that...)
But despite this being a business based trip and therefore seeing very little of the city to which I was visiting there was one definite upside to the trip - I now have a new prodigious author that I can concentrate on devouring for a while.

The claim that he is a new favorite I suppose is a fraction strong - it will take a while before I would actually give anyone pride of place above Frank Herbert, Isaac Asimov and Dennis Wheatley; but having finished all of their works there is the issue that they cannot be my favorite author in terms of current reading.  It looks like Iain M. Banks with "The Algebraist" might have made himself that new author. 

When you can sit for two whole 4 hour flights reading non-stop both times you know someone has captured your imagination.  At the very least I would recommend this book to any one who passably likes Sci.Fi; and I'm sure I'll be able to update you on his other books soon ;-)
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