Thursday, June 01, 2006

A bad sporting weekend

As a companion post to; A good sporting weekend

Well the results of the teams I support all seemed to swing the wrong way this weekend:
Warriors play terrible football again and get destroyed by the Sharks (Started listening to the game on the radio... didn't even bother to download from Bigpond)
Hurricanes botch the final - at least we couldn't see the smug smiles on the Crusaders faces in the fog.  Damn - was kind of hoping the Canes were going to line up Daniel a bit better, they didn't even give him a touch up!

And most importantly we lost our soccer 4-1, a bad performance if I do say so myself.  Still I can at least take comfort in that I was on the bench for this one so can blame it completely on others ;-)
On a further downside we had to place a formal complaint about the opposition due to a number of incidents on and off the field - the most unsettling when one of their strikers punched our right back in the face, then wouldn't leave the field of play after being sent off...

(Thanks to weizguy for prompting me to actually remember to write this post :-> )

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Dude check my Warriors blog - twenty four seven warriors whinging