Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A good sporting weekend

Well the results of the teams I support all seemed to swing the right way this weekend:
Warriors finally play some real football and dismembered the Tigers (found somewhere to download the game after missing it on Prime... yay for Bigpond)
Hurricanes finally make me proud and make it into a final - now they've just got to wipe the smug smiles off the Crusaders faces.  Damn - was kind of hoping the Bulls were going to line up Daniel a bit better, they didn't even give him a touch up!

And most importantly we won our soccer 6-0, not a bad performance if I do say so myself ;-)
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weizguy said...

I really have to know...

What grade?

iiq374 said...

Auckland Mens Division 2

Although I need to get around to writing "A bad sporting weekend" after last weekend....

weizguy said...


my mistake

for some reason, I thought you were in Wellington.

iiq374 said...

You didn't happen to just win / lose a game 6-0 did you? ;-)