Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Origin shows what the Air New Zealand bailout should have been

Hattip: NZ Herald
What are the key differences between the Air New Zealand bailout and Origin's "success story"?
Origin was actually in far greater financial strife than AirNZ ever was - in Origin's case bankruptcy had been filed for - and yet they have been able to use the private financial markets to fund their turn around.  There was no need for the Government to get involved and (yet again) spend the publics money in the bail out of a troubled business.

Origin Pacific has demonstrated that where there is a business which at its heart is competitive and able to make money, the markets will value this and keep it afloat.  If the business is not viable; then it is not worth private or public finance to keep it afloat.

Of course if the Government was not so antagonistic towards high wealth individuals, the creation of wealth or the individual investment of wealth then Air New Zealand may have been able to find the financing it sought locally far earlier and avoid the later strife that it encountered.
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