Friday, May 19, 2006

Pick pocketed

Last year while in Madrid I had my pocket picked while on the Metro back towards our stop.  It is one of those surreal experiences in which you don't really know it's happening at the time, but in hindsight you know exactly when and where it was done; and in my case by whom.  Afterwards (when you actually realise that yes your wallet is gone) you feel an incredible sense of betrayal, and also stupidity: why didn't you actually realise at the time, how did you let it happen, and why did you have 250 Euros in cash in there...

The budget delivered by Labour yesterday (in New Zealand) pretty much brought back exactly the same feelings of betrayal and stupidity; how could they be spending our money on such pointless drivel, why did you still have money invested here, how did you let it happen (was there more people you could have convinced to vote otherwise), and most of all why didn't everybody actually realise at election time that this was the meandering future to which they were delivering us?

"Twelve percent of New Zealanders – 362,000 people – now pay the top tax rate that Labour promised would only affect 5% of Kiwis. They pay 51% of New Zealand's income tax"
And that is why.
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Jack Yan said...

I expected as much from tax-hungry Cullen—who has since devalued the currency as well. For what? He says it helps exporters, but considering we are a net importer, and he has had seven years to turn us into a strong exporting nation, then this can only be troublesome. Add the higher petrol prices, and things are not looking rosy. Seven years, and it’s still a mess.