Thursday, May 18, 2006

Legal system abdicates responsibility again

Hattip: NZ Herald
I am greatly disappointed by the decision of the High Court to throw out the case brought Susan Couch and Tai Hobson against the parole board.  Something that this country desperately needs is greater accountability in the parole process - which I believe would instantly bring us better justice and less crime.

Please note that I am an
Ignorantselfishertarian when it comes to the facts of the actual case - and I am not saying that I am disappointed that the case failed, I am disappointed that it was thrown out; that the case never had its chance to be heard on its merits and challenge the fact that parole boards currently have no consequences against them for the decisions that they make.  If a parole board took joint responsibility (share any subsequent convictions?) for the actions of a criminal returned to society (for the duration of their parole period - it would be unfair for them to assume responsibility for the period after which they would have been returned anyway) you can be very sure that they would:
Take more care in their assessments of who could be returned to society
Dedicate more resources and care to the rehabilitation of criminals while in custody
Dedicate far more resources and care to the rehabilitation of criminals while on parole
Release less criminals early, and less early in their sentences.

I see all of the above consequences as being greatly beneficial to society - and surprisingly all it takes is a little personal responsibility...
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