Saturday, June 28, 2008

So there's still no energy crisis - right?

hattip: NZ Herald

"Lake Hawea, near Wanaka, could reach its minimum 338m level within days, prompting a warning by residents about the environmental cost if more water is taken.

Contact Energy operates the dams and can take another 2m of water, to 336m, if the tight power supply situation continues."

Cool - so in 2 metres time one of our major Hydro stations stops operating. And to be specific 2 meters without rain is a couple of days production.

But don't worry guys; there's no possibility of a crisis - because Labour says so.

And if the weather does decide to grace us with some water and save us (even though the storms so far keep missing...) - don't confuse being saved by chance with actually making the right call. The banks made huge profits off low doc loans until the end...

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