Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Go Warriors!

Or at least give us something other than that abysmal performance on Saturday!At least the judiciary agreed with us (the crowd) at the appaling standard of the reffing:to only have 2 of the 5 Warriors put on report actually charged shows what the standard of the original decisions were...

Although to be fair it really didn't have that much effect on a team that was determined to lose.

More interesting though is whether the Warriors are truely a side with a culture that corrupts its players?I notice with interest that Tony Martin this week had a "discount" on his charge due to it being his first in 7 years - Wade McKinnon similarly suddenly cops a grade 3 contrary conduct charge last week after 7 years free of charge - while Steven Price also in his first year copped his first judiciary charges of his (not insubstantial) career.So one really has to question the causality in this relationship - does the Warriors outfit really make players more likely to offend; or more likely to get charged?

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