Monday, January 29, 2007

Caring and Charity - Socialist Style

First apologies for the recent stasis of my blog :-{
Changing jobs, renovations and increasing despair at the state of New Zealand and it's politics created a mix of apathy and timelessness that has conspired against contributing back to the community. I've still been active listening to the voices though.

As such as I was referred to this from dpf I couldn't help but shake myself out of my reverie at least briefly - mostly because it reinforces what Cactus Kate blogged about recently and the socialist left supporters still couldn't understand - that the Socialist parties are not charitable and do not understand the concept.

John Key's offer was charitable - he offered something of his to Made from New Zealand.
In typical fashion, Mallards response is not charity - he offered something of mine to Made from New Zealand (alright - not just mine - something from everyone but him!)

Do you start to get it now? The right / libertarian wings tend to understand and grasp the concept of charity. They like having the money they earn so they can do charitable things with it.
The left do not understand and like to have everyone else's money so they can spend on what they want - preferably so they can take more of what is someone else's. And pretend to hold the moral high ground while doing so.

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