Friday, September 22, 2006

Congratulations Labour

So what do these companies have in common:
BNZ (twice)
Origin Pacific
Air New Zealand

other than being iconic New Zealand brands? Which others can you name that should be included?

[Edit] Add to the list as an exception:
Georgie Pie


backin15 said...

I give up, what do they have in common?

iiq374 said...

Hmm - OK so this is one of those posts you look back on yourself and wonder why you posted :D

But the commonality still remains -
Receivership / Bankruptcy / Bailout occurred under Labours watch.

backin15 said...

Perhaps, but (a) are the collapses in any way related to government policy and (b) how many collapsed under previous governments?

iiq374 said...

In this instance I actually wasn't indicating that they were caused by Labour - but found the co-incidence striking.

At the time of posting I hadn't thought of *any* that had occurred outside their reigns - I have now amended to show Georgie Pie that died during a National led Government (although technically it was only a subsidiary of Progressive Enterprises).

I'd actually be interested in terms of any more high profile NZ companies to add to either list.

In terms of causality - I suppose even if there isn't an obvious link that is what statistics is all about ;-)

iiq374 said...

I'm also not actually interested in causality mainly because they haven't all happened during *this* Labour Government; and we all know (or should) that the various Labour and National Governments have been far enough apart in terms of policy directions as to not really be comparable.

So I'd have to look up and see whether the failures all occurred during "left leaning" or "right leaning" policy years for it to make any difference.

backin15 said...

Clutching at straws I fear. The incidence of company failures must surely relate first to the competitive strategy, management and governance and their capacity to develop and maintain markets...

burt said...


Labour has increased labour law compliance costs, increased taxes and empowered unions to drive up company operational costs it's got nothing to do with the Govt????

The companies simply weren't one of the chosen ones. Others won, they lost - eat that.

Look major companies fold on Labour watch, this should be reported and associated as such.

They scream mighty loud when a new one kicks off. Mighty Dr. Cullen himself had a good Labour policy sell as he crowed about the great business environment that helped trademe. But oh no no no, it's not our fault when they buckle and fall.

But IIQ, it's a loose post!

iiq374 said...

burt - have to admit I'm not 100% sure what you mean by a loose post :-{

If it's what I suspect you mean then to be fair I was more driving at the curiosity of collation - or cancer clusters - than necessarily trying to pin this one directly on Labour.
That would actually require me to do a bit more searching and qualification which to be fair would have spoiled the spur of the moment nature to this particular line.