Monday, August 28, 2006

New Zealanders voting for what they want

Unfortunately it looks like this is increasingly diverging from what I would want.

The results from the Tamaki by-election for the Auckland city council are in; One corrupt Labour politician replaced by another Labour politician. There are now another 2500 people in Auckland that need to shut up and stop whining about the rates levels / increases because they just explicitly supported them.
The Auckland City Council just got the message that they are on the right track continuing to waste our ratepayers money thanks to you.

All 3 supermarkets near me have stopped stocking barn laid eggs. It would seem that despite people's rhetoric about wanting to ban cage farmed chickens they really just do not care. Given the eclectic collection of free range eggs that manages to survive I'm guessing it wouldn't have taken that many people supporting barn laid eggs for them to at least continue to be stocked. As it stands now the cages will be getting my dollar again because I'm not incensed enough to sacrifice 7 ECU's for the sake of 1 1/2 chickens happiness.
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Bean said...

Crazy. The problem we have here is that supermarkets do not stock *enough* free-range eggs. They are always the first to sell and are frequently all gone 3-4 days before the next delivery batch. I have no idea why they don't buy more.. perhaps because once they are sold out instead of going without eggs people just buy the regular ones.

iiq374 said...

Bean - out of interest what is the difference in price between free range / barn laid / regular eggs over there?

Bean said...

Hmm, checking for you... Woolworths website tells me a 12 pack of free-range Liberty eggs (700g) will set you back $5.30 while a dozen Woolworths brand regular eggs of the same weight cost $3.80. I suppose that is quite a difference, but when you consider that $1.50 doesn't even buy you a 2 stop bus ticket it's not unreasonable.

iiq374 said...

Thats quite interesting -
over here a size 7 eggs of supermarket brand are $2.40 per dozen, while free range are around $3.80 per half dozen.

If the difference was only $1.50 then I'd go free range, but I won't pay $5 per dozen difference.