Friday, August 11, 2006

Bye Bye Origin Pacific

Kind of sad to see Origin Pacific finally shut its doors completely, especially after it looked like they may have rescued themselves from bankruptcy earlier this year.  I quite liked some of the innovations they brought to the table with their five flight click strips, and a greater accessibility to standby tickets.

However they were always going to struggle against the might of another player that could get free $300 million capital injections.  Just like the Overlander.
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burt said...

It's OK the Govt will bail them out, that is what they do for failing airlines.

Jack Yan said...

The little companies in this country get so few perks—you either have to be a big player, or a foreign-owned enterprise … hard luck for Kiwis wanting to make a real go, I reckon. OP will be missed, and let’s hope the passenger service won’t die altogether.

iiq374 said...

Burt - unfortunatly this Government is only interested in propping up the "winners" that it picks; Air NZ, the failed superyacht yards etc.

I fail to recall finding much meaningful assistance for SME's at all. The main help that is out there for those people are all private enterprise. Although I guess there isn't any real surprise there.

iiq374 said...

Jack - it is hard to disagree at all.
Especially when one looks at the barriers to expanding beyond a single person / partnership agreement and the instant escalations in risk involved.
It is easy to see why we are a country of great ideas that fail on expansion and exploitation.