Monday, July 03, 2006

Road Noise Testing

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For once I actually agree not only with the intent of some new legislation, but mainly agree with the proposed implementation.  Harry Duynhoven has done well with his amendment to the Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Equipment 2004 to restrict the noise levels of vehicles.  Not only are they actually bringing clarity to what is a noisy vehicle by the setting of absolute decibel levels, but they are actually implementing a regime in which they can be tested in a meaningful and consistent manner (through the Warrant of Fitness testing process).

However there is one point that I think is missed in all of this - the lax enforcement of non-warranted vehicles on the road.  With the introduction of one more thing for an old / modified car to fail it will be interesting to see how much this already evident issue escalates.  This is without even considering the fact that the types of mechanics etc that actually perform these types of modifications etc in the first place actually have a vested interest in just telling their clients to come back to them for their WOF (wink, wink). 

Much like the issue with the micro-chipping of dogs the first issue that needs to be solved is the compliance and monitoring of the existing rules and regulations.  If we cannot even enforce those properly then what chance is there of the tighter regulations actually having the desired effect?  Or is this really just intended to be another way of funneling revenue into the Governments coffers anyway?
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