Wednesday, July 19, 2006

New Zealand Labour Party endorses exploitation of immigrant workers

Helen Clark has indicated that the Ingram report clears Taito Phillip Field of any wrong doing.
Given that this is the same report that while saying Field had no conflict of interest he showed poor judgment in his use of (extremely) low income workers.

Apparently this type of exploitation of poor, defenseless workers is supported by the Labour party - ratified by the fact that Field is already being reinstated to the Executive.

Poor exploitable workers take note: Exploitation of the worker is what Labour is about.
I wouldn't expect an ACT, National, Green or NZ First MP to get away with this type of behavior - would you?
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burt said...

This is a good angle, one you would expect the MSM to publish.

Yes they exploit the very people they claim their ideology protects.

iiq374 said...

Hey there Burt - good to see you back around again ;-)

I do however wonder whether the Labour party is hypocritical, suffers from cognitive dissonance, or is just plain that stupid.