Monday, May 08, 2006

Shocked and Amazed

I was witness to something in the weekend that shocked and amazed me - but on reflection I suppose I shouldn't be.
While at our local bakery to pick up lunch a Polynesian family of Mother and two sons (about 14 and 8) attempted to steal 2 large bottles of coke.  This was despite the operators of the bakery picking up on the plan part way through and while the mother was paying pointedly checking that they did not want the two bottles, were not paying for the bottles and were not going to take the bottles (which had been positioned outside the fridge to one side of a cabinet).  And yet the family still in a *brilliant* piece of confusion work managed to walk out with the bottles which fortunately the operators picked up on quick enough to send pursuers after the three - that even then were trying to hide the bottles.

Bottles retrieved the bakery operators didn't even bother trying to hold the 3 to prosecute - I only wish it was legal to take a photo and post an A3 flyer in the window proclaiming the 3 as thieves.
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Chewie the furry Baen Sidhe said...

Dude, you think that's bad? I just read a few new things about Islam that throws a whole new light on religious toleration for me! I don't know what you know on the subject, but the western media has actually slanted the whole picture in a very pro-muslim way. I've done a bit of a speel on my blog, if you want to have a look.
I think some of the others hanging out at Rodney's blog would be interested, but I don't want to hijack any of his threads.

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