Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bad Weather Cycling

OK - I was dreading today as the first actually bad weather that I was going to bike to work in.  However I've found that at the end of it all you actually feel better for the exercise in the cr*p weather - than having wrapped yourself all snug in the car anyway.  Admittedly if it was further to my work I might feel differently...

I have decided that my cycling road code is a little rusty however - and I'm somewhat perplexed as to where a cyclist is supposed to go in certain intersections without drastically reducing their life expectancy.  Can anyone tell me the best way to negotiate an intersection with 3 lanes (when I need to turn right):
* left hand lane dedicated to left turning traffic
* center lane for straight ahead AND right turning traffic
* right hand lane dedicated to right turning traffic
So far contemplating the options has led to me dismounting and crossing with the pedestrian signals...
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mr zig said...

had the same dillema about the weather and cycling this morning... but in my case it paid off... the sun came out, and although it was still wet and muddy, it was well worth the effort! (even wrote about it in my blog today)

iiq374 said...

Damn it - if only I started work an hour later!!

burt said...

RE: The intersection.

Options. Get in the left of the right most lane and go hard. Make your way back to the left of the road using hand signals etc after the intersection.

Get in the middle of the middle lane taking the space you would in a car. Go hard and demand your space. You would do that on a motorbike.

However: If the traffic moves through this intersection at a speed you can't match on your bike - take the crossing.

The rain is not your enemy - the wind is :-)

Good on you.