Friday, March 10, 2006

A slightly more serious gripe

But only just.

Would people PLEASE stop referring to Johnny Cash singing Hurt as if it was an original?

Trust me this is a cover (albeit a deeply felt cover) of a NIN (AKA Nine Inch Nails, trent Reznor) song from 1994, album The Downward Spiral.

Don't have anything against people liking the new version - but at least give credit for the authorship where it is due.


Chewie the furry Baen Sidhe said...

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Anonymous said...

I agree here. No one and I mean no one seems to be giving credit to the actual writers of this song. Most people beleive it is cash's and it always has been. This song brought cash into the limelight again for a new generation but it was not mentioned that he didn't actually create this one. It kind of makes me angry that he is getting all the credit for such a great song when it wasent him who wrote it.